THE GOODS: benefit gimme brow


Bold brows have become somewhat of an obsession to myself, and a few close friends in my life. We’ve gone as far as convincing men/boys to compliment their girlfriends on their eyebrows, because we put a lot of work into these babies! If these girls do not give you a compliment on your brows, you know something is up.

While my dream brow is not (naturally) attainable, I’d say I’m pretty happy with the boldness of my brows. With a little help from Benefit Gimme Brow, I call this the Sunday brow, as I personally prefer a stronger look day to day.


First, brush brows upward to accentuate your natural shape. Eyebrow enhancing is usually the second last step in my makeup routine, just before bronzer and blush.


Using the Gimme Brow wand (I’m using Medium/Deep), stroke in an upward motion over the brows, starting nearest the nose. The gel formula keeps each hair in place, and acts to volumize as well. For thinner areas, use the tip of the wand to draw the color on precisely. For a deeper color apply two coats of the gel.


The final look is a more filled in, voluminous brow, that’s perfect for someone looking for a slight pop. Do you fill in your brows or go au naturel?



June17_NYC Dress4 copy

Living in San Francisco isn’t all sunshine and heat waves like the California most Canadians dream of. The average year round temperature is 17-22 degrees Celsius (don’t ask me about Fahrenheit yet), but temperatures plummet in the evening. Being used to hot Ontario summers where short hemlines last through the night, you can typically hear me advertising how cold I am.

Keeping with tradition, I decided to elongate a trip home by stopping by NYC first for a visit with one of my oldest friends. Something about New York in the summer, I cannot get enough of. Though the humidity took my breath away upon arrival, I was happy taking in the hot hot heat, while dewy-faced New Yorkers were completely over it. To further our tradition, it was also mandatory to visit Brooklyn by bike, this time with Charlie in tow!

June17_NYC Dress5


June17_NYC Dress1

June17_NYC Dress2

{Urban Outfitters dress – similar, Rag & Bone hat, Dolce Vita sandals, Prada sunglasses}

If I’m a California Gurl, I gotta say, I may be more of the SoCal type. Do you have any summer vacation traditions?



Two and half months have passed and I’m slowly adjusting to living in San Francisco, California. Remember this little story? Well to be honest, at the point of sharing this blog post, I was more than 50% certain I’d be leaving Toronto to see if me, SF, and a special man, could make it in America.

More SF stories to come in detail, but for now here’s something to wet your palate.



SFCityScape_Photoshop Colours





(Note: we’ve resorted to taking photos in the office. Last week was far too cold to venture outdoors.)

In terms of the winter weather we are experiencing, this Canadian tuxedo seems quite appropriate for a casual Friday Thursday. Lately, I seem to be dressing up more on Fridays than the rest of the week – being on the social media side of PR means I don’t need to meet with clients everyday, thus much more casual attire. Whether you want to celebrate our great nation, or just pretend you’re in a Madewell lookbook, this is a classic look that I can’t get away from. P.S. Everytime I wear all denim, I think of this Jersey Shore moment

My coworker gave me a lead that Winners had a great pair of flats in my size, instead however I opted for a classic black suede Nine West pump. I’ve always been pleased with any Nine West shoe I have placed on my foot, they fit true to size and more often than not, do not need breaking in.




{H&M denim shirt, Urban Outfitters Jeans, Nine West Pumps}

The black jean is much more prevalent in my wardrobe, but there’s something to be said about a classic blue denim, isn’t there?



It can be hard to stop and smell the roses, but more and more ‘as I grow up‘ I recognize the importance of building my awareness of the things that make me happy. I was never really one to respond “I’m just sooo busy” when people ask how I am. To be honest, I’m not so busy. I like making a few great plans, but not feeling overwhelmed with FOMO (I’m more of a JOMO girl). What are these ‘so busy’ people really doing? Well in my opinion (and that of the creators of 100 Happy Days), they are not taking the time to enjoy the moment.

So, stop bragging about being busy, and just be happy. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I’ve joined the #100happydays movement. Even if you have a shitty day, there was likely one moment of it that made you smile, even if it was only a slight smirk. While I think I have a bit of an advantage in posting for the next 100 days (ahem…#charlieobear), I will try to keep my photos diversified.

Can you be happy everyday?


MANICURE MONDAY: chestnuts about you

Happy (manicure) Monday! It’s a good one today. So far the manic/moody side of this week day have subsided – I think today is aware that we had a beautifully sunny weekend, and Team Canada won gold in Sunday’s final game.

It’s been a while since sharing a favourite polish with you, but do not worry I have not stopped painting my nails, nor will I ever. I really wonder about the day I don’t have lacquered tips…maybe a bare nail trend will be all the rage in S/S 2035 (shocking!). Regardless, I’ve found a great metallic that doesn’t scream tacky chrome, it’s Sephora by OPI Chestnuts About You. The best thing about metallics (and sparkles) is that they last forever. This one has a slight pink tone, while it’s name implies more of a brown, I beg to differ.

Chestnuts for You, Sephora by OPI

Hope you have a great week!



A detailed inventory of my wardrobe would assess that approximately 80% of my clothing is approximately two sizes too big. Oversized pieces have been on trend for some time now, and this winter the XXL sweater/turtleneck has been keeping stylish ladies in the Northern hemisphere (I’m talking polar vortex here) warmer and cozier than usual. If we really want to defend this style, just think, we’re really investing in our future wardrobe – these pieces can double as maternity wear! Ok, so that’s my argument if anyone ever questions my purchase of another oversized top, or recommends that I should go down a size…




I’m not one to really love or hate Valentine’s Day. With my Valentine being cross-continent this year, today I will be celebrating with myself! We have to love yourself first anyways, right? While my plans are still uncertain (and I’m ok with that), it’s still a nice day to think about those we love, and those things we love!

These red & pink hues are my favourite shade for Valentine’s Day. The latest addition to my red collection is OPI’s First Date at Golden Gate, which is oh so appropriate!


For those who do have a hot date tonight, this Alice & Olivia dress is my choice for the perfect love day outfit.






We all have our obsessions, vices, addictions – whatever. If you know me, or visit GFB on the regular, you know that I LOVE booties. Black booties, to be exact. There’s no point of informing you on exact numbers or details, some things are better left unsaid. That being said, some people would be proud to know that I actually took a quantitative look at my closet, or collection as I like to say, and really asked myself “do you need all this?” In the end, streamlining your closet and life may be a lost secret. I feel fulfilled by my less full wardrobe.

In late 2013, I told the woman selling me shoe trees (life savers I promise you) and mink oil, that I was really taking my footwear seriously. It’s definitely important to realize that these more classic and quality pieces are what will withstand the test of time, wear, and trend. So, I bring you the Rag & Bone Kinsey bootie. I had been craving them for quite some time, and one day they just showed up at my doorstep (or something like that – thanks Nia!). Classic, and maybe at the top of the black bootie list, or at least kicking my old booties asses. The investment is worth it, so I encourage you to start taking your footwear seriously too!






THE GOODS: estée lauder serums

It’s tough to say when is the right time to start the anti-aging process. Pre-secondary school it’s all “when I grow up” and everything that this will encapsulate; wearing makeup, living sans parents, buying what I want, when I want, finding the perfect career (ok, maybe we’re not thinking about careers, but we have an idea of what we want to be). To be honest, I still say “when I grow up.” My 26-year-old “when I grow up” includes owning a house with exposed brick that offers the perfect amount of DIY, and being able to enjoy a whiskey on the rocks, because that screams adult. In some sense, keeping these ideas in mind allows me to deter from the fact that I am getting older, meaning more responsibility, life decisions, and of course a more mature appearance – to put it politely. While I used to wear mascara, lip gloss, and blush to look older than my age, the shift to younger looking skin has taken over my skincare regime.


Found on my checklist of anti-aging products, below sunscreen and night cream comes serums. In my skincare sequence (when I’m following all the rules), I wash, tone, serum, and moisturize, all before applying makeup. Sometimes it’s a daunting task and I find myself skipping from wash to moisturize, in fact until a few years ago I only washed my face in the morning and slept in my makeup. I’m still not 100% convinced that removing my makeup before bed affects my skin personally, but maybe in the long-run the results with come to surface (literally). BUT WHEN I DO FOLLOW THE RULES, a serum is a great product to use pre-moisturizing. The point of this potion is to deliver concentrated active ingredients to your skin. By following with moisturizer you can lock in the ingredients and hydrate your skin.

Estée Lauder’s tried and true Advanced Night Repair serum is my go to. It’s both light in consistency and scent, and with years and years of development, I can definitely trust its formula. While I don’t have deep wrinkles yet, I cannot flat out say that my lines have disappeared, but I image deep down inside it’s working it’s magic and since using I have not seen any progression in my skin’s aging. For the day, Perfectionist [CP+R] works wonders. Paired with an SPF, and even on it’s own, this serum is more like a moisturizer leaving skin super soft, like out of this world soft, within minutes – no lie.

While my headspace may still be dreaming of my future vineyard and pony in Napa, my skin is on par with its mature lifestyle. So, I say bring it, let’s play this game, I’m very competitive.


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