This is my second year with my own Christmas tree and I’ve already fallen for the tradition and excitement it adds to the holidays. My tree theme – I’m not so sure I think a pine needs a theme – has been black and white with spots of gold and blue ornaments. In tree styling, I believe a large ribbon or garland is a must, it’s the belt that pulls everything together, and the topper should speak for itself. It’s much like getting dressed in the morning, wouldn’t you say?



This year, I went a little further into holiday decor with a simple wreath DIY. Feeling festive, yet classic, I love the natural look of my wreath and think it’s the perfect design for my first festive crafting experience. Is it really necessary to be incorporating peonies into holiday greenery? As a Canadian, I’m sticking to pure pine. Check out the full DIY instructions over here – best enjoyed with crafty friends.





wilfred montpellier PART 1


Who ever thought we’d be loving turtlenecks? I mean, sure they’re totally practical, keeping your chin to collar area cozy, but growing up turtlenecks were always the thing my mom wore and tried to push on me. Well, I guess she was right.

If you remember last year’s xxl sweater, then it’s no surprise Aritzia’s Wilfred Montpellier sweater has found it’s way into my weekly wardrobe rotation. I’ve found myself wearing this merino wool knit all the time, which is why I’m highlighting three ways to wear it. I’m loving the drop-waist look a longer sweater over a skirt can give. Pairing the two is also the perfect balance of oversized and fitted, not to mention cozy and scant.






{Aritzia Wilfred sweater, Club Monaco skirt, Rag & Bone booties – also worn here}

Ok, so I don’t always match my nails to my turtlenecks, but I’m in love this Greyfitti manicure. Are you cozying up with big knits this winter?



festive outings in CHELSEA BOOTS


My love for booties has seen its ups and downs with staples and trends, but throughout the Chelsea boot has been a part of the collection. Can we all agree that the Chelsea boot was one of the first stylish bootie? The design can be found in the Victorian ages, but their true coming to be in the 20th century was during the mod era. The Beatles wore them, so I’m pretty sure my obsession is completely justified.


Rain boots are an asset for Toronto winters, but my trusted Hunter wellies have been replaced by a new addition to my rainy shoe game. I’m loving these Melissa Chelsea-inspired booties. The fact that they’re my favourite colour and smell like Cupcake Dolls (no joke, it’s actually quite delightful to have this scent follow you around – oh the 90s!), make splashing in seasonal slush just that much better. Their first line of duty – picking out a Christmas tree!


{Melissa boots, Aritzia Wilfred coat, Zara Men scarf, Zara jeans}


MANICURE MONDAY: miracle gel in greyfitti


Obsessed may seem like a strong term to use while speaking about nail polish, but you know how much I value a great manicure – especially an at-home mani.


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel is said to last up to 14 days as an at-home with no UV needed for a gel result. Since trying Greyfitti on my nails I have yet to switch to another lacquer – my tips are in love. The colour is a perfect winter pastel – grey with a blue undertone. While my polish did not last two weeks, I am confident in saying that Miracle Gel looks great on my nails for approximately seven days with only minor chips on a few nails that were hit on a hard surface, and the full shine from day one. This is definitely an improvement from regular lacquers and only requires the base (colour) coat and top coat. Black is my next go-to classic – dark coloured manicures should never live longer than their first chip, in my opinion.

I’m totally sold, have you tried it?




Sometimes you know a good thing, even when you spot it from afar. Strolling the streets of NYC in June may be my favourite thing; Not only is the weather in its prime, but the shops are buzzing with new designs and summer sales. When I stepped into the Soho Diane Von Furstenberg shop, this printed silk chiffon grabbed me, and then I fell in love with leopard all over again.



This has quickly become a wedding themed dress, while I first wore it to Lennon’s friend’s wedding in June, and here during my sister’s rehearsal dinner this August in Toronto. By throwing a denim jacket on, the look was a little more casual. I love the movement this piece gives and its detailing. Who needs jewerly with gold link straps that go from front to back?




{Diane Von Furstenberg dress, Levi’s jacket, Ray-Ban sunglasses}


MANICURE MONDAY: zoya + saint germain

Decisions, decisions – I’m not very good at them. While opting for an at-home manicure last week this became ever more apparent when instead of one colour, I chose two. But who’s to say a girl can’t wear two (or more) complimentary lacquers. NOT ME.


{Zoya in Bevin, Saint Germain in Sea Green}

The turquoise tones in these lacquers keep me coming back for more as blues & greens have come to be some of my favourite polishes.


THE GOODS: murad essential-c day moisture spf

During my teenage years I was a sun goddess. I would literally time my tanning sessions – 15 minutes tanning my front, flip, 15 minutes tanning my back. Tanning oil, rarely with SPF, coated my skin, leaving me shining under the sun and drawing every UV ray towards my soon to be bronzed body. Don’t get me wrong, I still worship the sun, and angle my towel appropriately, rotating by the hour, but now I am much more conscious of the effects of sun damage.

Sept10_MuradSPF copy

While some may argue that at the age of twenty-six, I should not be worrying about wrinkles and aging, I beg to differ and tell you that preventative measures always win. As someone who lives for drastic tan lines, I too know that the time has come to smarten up. With a few persistent friends, who have impeccable skin I should add, and now facing the California sun daily, I wear sunscreen on my face everyday. Even though I’ve been complaining about the temperate weather in San Fran, the UV rays here tend to be a little stronger. When at the beach I also ensure to wear SPF, applying at least 30 minutes before arrival.

Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, is my daily go-to for a light sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my eczema-prone, sensitive skin or leave an oily layer. The orange scented moisturizer is perfect for everyday (summer, fall, winter, and spring), keeping skin protected and full of antioxidants.

If there’s one thing I know I will not regret doing on the daily, it’s using a sunscreen on my face. Trust me, or come talk to me in 25 years when I’m (hopefully, mostly) wrinkle free!


SUMMER, finally

Who knew you had to leave California to find summer? My latest stopover in Toronto had me thankful for the overbearing temperatures.


Since moving to San Francisco in May – when a typical Canadian summer would start – I’ve been told that summer blooms late here. We’re talking summer weather in September and October. With a few visits back to Toronto over the last few months, I’ve been lucky enough to find the hot heat, making my trips all the more desirable. So Canada, with all the complaining we do about unpredictable winters, I’m here to tell you, we’ve got some of the best summers around.




{Aritzia sweater, Zara lace shorts, André booties, Ray-Ban aviators}

I’ll be keeping my summer wardrobe handy for SF’s upcoming heat. Have you moved onto fall yet?



THE GOODS: benefit gimme brow


Bold brows have become somewhat of an obsession to myself, and a few close friends in my life. We’ve gone as far as convincing men/boys to compliment their girlfriends on their eyebrows, because we put a lot of work into these babies! If these girls do not give you a compliment on your brows, you know something is up.

While my dream brow is not (naturally) attainable, I’d say I’m pretty happy with the boldness of my brows. With a little help from Benefit Gimme Brow, I call this the Sunday brow, as I personally prefer a stronger look day to day.


First, brush brows upward to accentuate your natural shape. Eyebrow enhancing is usually the second last step in my makeup routine, just before bronzer and blush.


Using the Gimme Brow wand (I’m using Medium/Deep), stroke in an upward motion over the brows, starting nearest the nose. The gel formula keeps each hair in place, and acts to volumize as well. For thinner areas, use the tip of the wand to draw the color on precisely. For a deeper color apply two coats of the gel.


The final look is a more filled in, voluminous brow, that’s perfect for someone looking for a slight pop. Do you fill in your brows or go au naturel?



June17_NYC Dress4 copy

Living in San Francisco isn’t all sunshine and heat waves like the California most Canadians dream of. The average year round temperature is 17-22 degrees Celsius (don’t ask me about Fahrenheit yet), but temperatures plummet in the evening. Being used to hot Ontario summers where short hemlines last through the night, you can typically hear me advertising how cold I am.

Keeping with tradition, I decided to elongate a trip home by stopping by NYC first for a visit with one of my oldest friends. Something about New York in the summer, I cannot get enough of. Though the humidity took my breath away upon arrival, I was happy taking in the hot hot heat, while dewy-faced New Yorkers were completely over it. To further our tradition, it was also mandatory to visit Brooklyn by bike, this time with Charlie in tow!

June17_NYC Dress5


June17_NYC Dress1

June17_NYC Dress2

{Urban Outfitters dress – similar, Rag & Bone hat, Dolce Vita sandals, Prada sunglasses}

If I’m a California Gurl, I gotta say, I may be more of the SoCal type. Do you have any summer vacation traditions?


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