These denim shorts are so overworn…I mean you just saw them here, but they are quite the staple in my summer wardrobe. Vintage Levi’s cutoffs are one of those versatile pieces that I like to dress up and down. Pair with a blouse and these new Aquazzura-inspired lace up flats from Aldo shoes, and it’s off for drinks I go!









{Club Monaco blouse, Levi’s Denim Shorts, Aldo Colyn Flats, Sunglasses – similar, Clutch – similar}

How do you wear your denim cutoffs – casual or dressed up?


wedding season: ALICE + OLIVIA


There’s nothing more I love than a good wedding, especially when it’s one of a best friend. Of course for me as soon as the wedding invites arrive I’m thinking about what I should wear. This gives me a few months to scope out different styles and establish the best fit for the specific wedding. My best friend was throwing a brunch wedding in the Distillery District – perfect, two of my favourite things. I knew it was going to be a pretty well-dressed crowd and fairly formal, so I wore for this open back Alice + Olivia dress. The short front maxi, was light and perfect for a hot summer morning. While the open back and plunging neckline were my favourite, you can’t forget to use fashion tape, just in case – don’t need to be showing off too much over mimosas.





{Alice + Olivia Dress – similar,  Zara sandals – similar, Aritzia Auxiliary Bega bag}

Another maxi dress of choice for wedding season is this Diane Von Furstenberg one that I wore here and also to another friend’s wedding in June.


WAYHOME: festival style

Current state: laying in bed listening to Sam Smith. This weekend was the first ever Wayhome Music Festival in Oro Medonte, Ontario. I fall hard for festivals, so I packed up some foolproof festival outfits and made my way North of Toronto with the squad.

Camping can be fun, don’t get me wrong, but with heat wave temperatures I was happy to be renting a hotel and curling my hair everyday, sorry campers! For day 3, I stuck to the basics – denim cutoffs, slight crop tank and a shady straw hat – all classic pieces from Urban Outfitters.




{Urban Outfitters hat, Urban Outfitters top, Levi’s shorts, Converse shoes, Ray-Ban sunglasses, MAC lipstick in Russian Red}

Hope you enjoyed the weekend as much as I did, wayhomies!


THE LIST: sandal series


1. Jeffrey Campbell Secouer Suede Boot 2. H&M Fringed Sandal 3. Loeffler Randall Sierra 4. Mother of Pearl Pool Slides 5. Giuseppe Zanotti Western Sandal 6. Dolce Vita Nalaa 7. Nine West Don’t Gudge 8. Joie Renee 9. IRO Xoey 10. Kelsi Dagger Brooklyn Sandal

It’s just a few days to summer solstice and while the weather is finally all about bare legs and booties, I’ve decided to up my sandal game. A girl can’t always be wearing booties, silly!

The evolution of fashion is a funny thing. The slide totally brings me back to the single strap Adidas “shower” sandal that is also strangely making sightings on the streets…and I’m kind of into it? Fringe on the other hand I also loved. The Penny Lane vibes are something I try to channel just ever so slightly. But the a thick strap gladiator, that’s got you all wrapped up, is what I’m all about. Delicate and authentic, or punky and buckled, I’ll take ’em.


channeling my inner BIKER BABE


This spring, I’ve adopted the biker babe look. All black, leather and booties – does it get better than that? Finding the perfect moto leather jacket is no easy feat. For me, the fit had to be perfect – I often find leather jackets to fit a little short – so when my friend discovered this textured one from Scotch & Soda, I instantly accepted that we’d be twinning upon every outing and went for it.

Since the spring is taking its time to warm up, I’m all about the dress and booties. As you can expect, choosing booties over sandals is a simple decision for me.

June15_Biker2 June15_Biker3June15_Biker4June15_Biker8June15_Biker6 June15_Biker5June15_Biker7June15_Biker9 June15_Biker10{Scotch & Soda jacket, Artizia Wilfred Sonore Dress, Stuart Weitzman Slash boot, Cuyana tote, Ray-Ban sunglasses}


THE GOODS: Khiel’s Ultra Cream

When people ask me what I’m wearing, I tell them, Kiehl’s. Well not really, but I’m going to start.

Mar2_Kiehl's Ultra Cream

I find it hard to put my finger on the best moisturizer for my skin, often transitioning back and forth from tried and trusted drugstore products to higher end brands. I’ve been a Cetaphil user for some time – a brand that’s a known classic for a simple, no-fuss moisturizer. As a high-end substitute, I’ve opted for Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. I’ve always trusted Kiehl’s and the Ultra Facial line is perfect for skin that isn’t too picky, but still looking for moisture. After only a couple of days using the moisturizer, paired with Kiehl’s toner and SPF, my skin was softer and more hydrated. Using this as a day cream, though good for all day, I still continue to use a night favourite, Origins’ Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.

Falling back on familiar brands makes all the difference. Even if I stray here and there to try a new product or regime, returning to what you know brings satisfaction and results, a place my skin has found home.


THE LIST: decor dreaming


1. West Elm rug 2. 100 Getaways Around the World book 3. Creative Walls book 4. Black Icelandic sheepskin 5. Abel velvet sofa 6. Delta lamp 7. Indigo gold spike sphere 8. Ikea Ofelia throw 9. Wedgewood Jasper Conrad Chinoiserie

Lately, I’ve got home decor on my mind. It all started with the idea of the dream velvet couch. I’ve concluded it’s most durable (I’ve got two puppies owning my house) and ages well, not to mention it adds a touch of prestige to a more simple aesthetic. Acting as the focal point, all additions to your room play off of the centerpiece. While my home style is fairly whitewashed I’ve been warming up to new hues, finding pops of colour here and there – first with a bold sofa and then with a pastel rug.

A little inspiration goes a long way. Discover some great wallspiration – think unique gallery walls, the possibilities are endless – with this book. GFB love: Ikea Ofelia throw, perfect for getting wrapped up with Netflix or as a simple yet chic bedspread.


HOW TO Make Your Valentine’s Bouquet Last

A fresh bouquet of flowers seems to instantly brighten my mood. Whether these fresh blooms be in celebration of making it through the work week or for a special occasion (ahem, Valentine’s Day), the colour and scent are an instant mood booster when we find ourselves in the middle of winter. Tulips at this time of year offer a glimpse of spring and promise of what’s to come.

Since many may be receiving thoughtful bouquets come this February 14th, I’ve decided to share some tips to keeping those stems alive longer.


1) When you get home cut off 1-2 inches from the stems at a 45 degree angle, under running water or in a bowl of water. Immersing the stems in water while trimming will prevent air from entering the stems.

2) Use packaged flower food. I used to think this product as a gimmick, but florists use it too. For tulips, put a penny in the vase, as the copper helps with bacteria. What else are you going to do with those useless pennies?

3) Trim the stems slightly everyday or every other day to help the flowers get a steady flow of nutrients and water. Remember to cut at 45 degrees!

4) Change water everyday or every other day.

5) Adding a little amount of bleach to the water, about a 1/4 teaspoon per quart of water, prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms and keeps water at its cleanest.

6) Place your bouquet in a cool spot in your home, away from heaters, fireplaces and direct sunlight. This will help prevent the flowers from wilting and drying out quickly.


THE LIST: january essentials

january essentials

1. Hear No Evil – Gold earbuds 2. FWSS Badlands toque 3. Ashley Brooke Designs mug 4. Deborah Lippmann nail polish 5. Stuart Weitzman Slash bootie – black 6. Givenchy leather pants 7. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream moisturizer 8. Aritzia Auxiliary Bega satchel 9. Club Monaco Bing Bang ring 10. Bauble Bar Jumbo Cairo earring 11. Stuart Weitzman Slash bootie – seal velour

When January roles around, I have a hard time balancing my ‘want’ list with my fairly standard, year-to-year goal of saving money. My essentials list includes some things that are already part of my go-to’s, but I’m also focused on a few great things that I’m keeping in mind for when I do give into those retail therapy moments…case in point: Stuart Weitzman booties.


why I stopped using my CLARISONIC


I know, I know, shocking. Have you ever heard of someone returning a Clarisonic? I hadn’t either, until I did it. Before investing in my Clarisonic Mia 2 I did extensive research. Asking friends about their experiences, reading articles about why people (mostly) love this skincare tool, and even striking up a conversation with a stranger at Club Monaco. Thus far, the only person I’ve seen to NOT be on team sonic revolution is Garance Doré. My skin can be quite sensitive to products, so in true form, I researched until I felt content that the tool would work for my skin, opting for the ultra-sensitive brush.

A best friend, and avid Clarisonic user, advised me that the first few weeks could be disappointing, meaning your skin may break out because all of the dirt and bacteria is essentially being vibrated and shaken out of your pores. Instantly, I noticed the benefits of the Mia 2. After just one use my skin was squeaky clean. I grew a bit addicted to it, and you could find me Clarisonic-ing (once daily, in the evening) with a smirk of content. My skin felt clean, but I had yet to notice any physical benefits. Since the brand allows returns up to 30 days and Sephora up to 60, I decided to include the product as part of my beauty regimen for two months.

It wasn’t until approximately a month and a half later that I started to question the results. My skin started to feel a little irritated, so for a week I went back to my regular routine, sans sonic suds. Upon using the Clarisonic again, I decided the tool might be a little too intense for my skin. While I certainly appreciated the super clean feeling of my face post-use, I’m not certain the brush method is meant for all skins types. For my overly sensitive skin, that is dry/normal more so than oily, the Mia 2 likely removed too much of the natural oils and sebum that are created. When my skin started to break out and feel rough in certain areas, I put the Clarisonic down and decided my tried-and-true evening hand wash, plus 3 to 4 times a week of exfoliating was just fine for me.

While I’m certain of the positive results this modern skincare technology offers to others, I’ve already seen my skin shift back to its regular-self, which I’ve been satisfied with 95% of the time. I guess I just had to give in to the revolution and discover the hype (or not) just for a moment. So, Clarisonic on, or don’t, but be sure to listen to your skin AND continue to use an exfoliating cleanser in your routine – the sonic device is not an exfoliant after all (so my research taught me)!

I’d love to know your thoughts! Have you joined the sonic revolution?


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