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MANICURE MONDAY: miracle gel in greyfitti


Obsessed may seem like a strong term to use while speaking about nail polish, but you know how much I value a great manicure – especially an at-home mani.


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel is said to last up to 14 days as an at-home with no UV needed for a gel result. Since trying Greyfitti on my nails I have yet to switch to another lacquer – my tips are in love. The colour is a perfect winter pastel – grey with a blue undertone. While my polish did not last two weeks, I am confident in saying that Miracle Gel looks great on my nails for approximately seven days with only minor chips on a few nails that were hit on a hard surface, and the full shine from day one. This is definitely an improvement from regular lacquers and only requires the base (colour) coat and top coat. Black is my next go-to classic – dark coloured manicures should never live longer than their first chip, in my opinion.

I’m totally sold, have you tried it?


MANICURE MONDAY: zoya + saint germain

Decisions, decisions – I’m not very good at them. While opting for an at-home manicure last week this became ever more apparent when instead of one colour, I chose two. But who’s to say a girl can’t wear two (or more) complimentary lacquers. NOT ME.


{Zoya in Bevin, Saint Germain in Sea Green}

The turquoise tones in these lacquers keep me coming back for more as blues & greens have come to be some of my favourite polishes.


THE GOODS: murad essential-c day moisture spf

During my teenage years I was a sun goddess. I would literally time my tanning sessions – 15 minutes tanning my front, flip, 15 minutes tanning my back. Tanning oil, rarely with SPF, coated my skin, leaving me shining under the sun and drawing every UV ray towards my soon to be bronzed body. Don’t get me wrong, I still worship the sun, and angle my towel appropriately, rotating by the hour, but now I am much more conscious of the effects of sun damage.

Sept10_MuradSPF copy

While some may argue that at the age of twenty-six, I should not be worrying about wrinkles and aging, I beg to differ and tell you that preventative measures always win. As someone who lives for drastic tan lines, I too know that the time has come to smarten up. With a few persistent friends, who have impeccable skin I should add, and now facing the California sun daily, I wear sunscreen on my face everyday. Even though I’ve been complaining about the temperate weather in San Fran, the UV rays here tend to be a little stronger. When at the beach I also ensure to wear SPF, applying at least 30 minutes before arrival.

Murad’s Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30, is my daily go-to for a light sunscreen that doesn’t irritate my eczema-prone, sensitive skin or leave an oily layer. The orange scented moisturizer is perfect for everyday (summer, fall, winter, and spring), keeping skin protected and full of antioxidants.

If there’s one thing I know I will not regret doing on the daily, it’s using a sunscreen on my face. Trust me, or come talk to me in 25 years when I’m (hopefully, mostly) wrinkle free!


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