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wilfred montpellier PART 1


Who ever thought we’d be loving turtlenecks? I mean, sure they’re totally practical, keeping your chin to collar area cozy, but growing up turtlenecks were always the thing my mom wore and tried to push on me. Well, I guess she was right.

If you remember last year’s xxl sweater, then it’s no surprise Aritzia’s Wilfred Montpellier sweater has found it’s way into my weekly wardrobe rotation. I’ve found myself wearing this merino wool knit all the time, which is why I’m highlighting three ways to wear it. I’m loving the drop-waist look a longer sweater over a skirt can give. Pairing the two is also the perfect balance of oversized and fitted, not to mention cozy and scant.






{Aritzia Wilfred sweater, Club Monaco skirt, Rag & Bone booties Рalso worn here}

Ok, so I don’t always match my nails to my turtlenecks, but I’m in love this Greyfitti manicure. Are you cozying up with big knits this winter?



MANICURE MONDAY: miracle gel in greyfitti


Obsessed may seem like a strong term to use while speaking about nail polish, but you know how much I value a great manicure – especially an at-home mani.


Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel is said to last up to 14 days as an at-home with no UV needed for a gel result. Since trying Greyfitti on my nails I have yet to switch to another lacquer – my tips are in love. The colour is a perfect winter pastel – grey with a blue undertone. While my polish did not last two weeks, I am confident in saying that Miracle Gel looks great on my nails for approximately seven days with only minor chips on a few nails that were hit on a hard surface, and the full shine from day one. This is definitely an improvement from regular lacquers and only requires the base (colour) coat and top coat. Black is my next go-to classic – dark coloured manicures should never live longer than their first chip, in my opinion.

I’m totally sold, have you tried it?


How To: Remove Shellac

Shellac may just be one of the best beauty inventions. There is something about looking down at my nails and seeing them shine back at me, beaming for all the world to see. But I have found just two problems: 1) a girl who lives for polished nails cannot bear to wear the same colour for 2-3 weeks, 2) having to go to the salon to have the shellac removed seems like a waster of time and money. Since I do not Shellac often — I’m much to indecisive to settle on one lacquer colour a week — visiting the salon to have the polish removed just doesn’t seem viable. Here’s an at home solution to removing your Shellac DIY-style:

What You’ll Need:

  • nail polish remover
  • cotton pad, cut into six
  • tin foil
  • manicure stick/skewer

Simply cut the cotton pad into pieces large enough to cover your nail. Drench the cotton pad in nail polish remover, place on top of nail, and wrap end of finger in tin foil. Leave for 10+ minutes until removing tin foil and cotton. At this point the polish should be completely separated, you’ll even see that the top coat has separated from the colour. If the polish is not flaking off, leave cotton and tin foil on for a few minutes longer. Use the manicure stick to rub off any remnants of Shellac polish.


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